Learning Health Systems for Coproducing Health, Value, and Science

Our research team focuses on the development, evaluation, and implementation of tools and care processes that support partnerships between patients and clinicians and promote the discovery of new knowledge.

Patient-Clinician Partnerships

We aim to help patients, families, and their clinicians work together as true partners to assess health status, to make shared decisions, to implement a treatment plan, and to measure results on health.

Patient and Family Support Networks

We aim to connect patients and families directly with one another to share information and expertise.

Care and Quality Improvement Networks

We aim to support collections of clinical teams coming together to work toward the common goal of improving care.

Research Registries

We aim to enable patient registries and researchers to support better health outcomes, identify high-value care, and advance scientific knowledge and clinical research.


Learn more about our mission and vision to change the way care teams work together with individuals to achieve health.


Access scientific literature on coproduction, learning health systems and patient-reported outcomes.


Learn more about programs we are working on with our partners to support patient-clinician partnerships.


Access downloadable guides, toolkits and an outlined process to help create your own coproduction program.


Watch a brief introduction from Eugene Nelson about learning health systems for coproducing health, value, and science. Professor Nelson is the Director of Population Health Measurement and Coproduction at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice. He leads a program on new models to advance the coproduction of health care services.

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One Patient’s Story

One Patient’s Story

Jennifer, a person with rheumatoid arthritis, shares her experience using an electronic dashboard to enhance communication with her care team on the Arthritis Foundation News Blog.

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