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Learn more about our programs that span across a variety of conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatology, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis and palliative care.

Establishing and Supporting Learning Health Systems

Coproduction Commons

In partnership with the International Society for Quality (ISQua), The Dartmouth Institute and the International Coproduction of Health Network (ICoHN) are developing and leading international learning tracks for further study of the coproduction of healthcare service. One track provides an “Interactive Discovery-based” series and another provides an open “Presentation-focused” education series.  These education sessions are available to international health professionals.

Project Leaders: Tina Foster, Aricca van Citters, Gene Nelson, Julie Johnson, Paul Batalden
Partner: International Society for Quality in Health Care
Project Dates: 2020-Present
Contacts: Joy McAvoy and Rachel Forcino

Comparing Telehealth Preferences Among Patients and Clinicians

The project goal is to compare attitudes, preferences, and current access to telehealth options between clinicians and the populations they serve in both rural and urban contexts.

Project Investigator: Glyn Elwyn
Partner: Abridge
Project Dates: 2020-Present
Contacts: Rachel Forcino

Dissemination of Learning Health Systems for Coproducing Effective Action

The goal of this project is to build the capacity of healthcare stakeholders to design, develop, implement, and scale Learning Health Systems for Coproducing Effective Action. This project will create the infrastructure and resources to support a learning infrastructure, technical support, and evaluation model. It will also build stakeholder capacity to extend the approach to vulnerable populations.

Principal Investigator: Gene Nelson
Partner: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Project Dates: 2018-Present
Contact: Aricca Van Citters

Creation of a Palliative Care Learning Health System Incubator

The goal of this project is to measurably improve the quality of life for people with serious illness by engaging in the rapid co-design and development of a dashboard and support network to coproduce better care experiences, higher health care value, and more knowledge on the science of palliative health care delivery.

Principal Investigators: Gene Nelson & Amber Barnato
Partner: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Project Dates: 2018-Present
Contact: Megan Holthoff

Read more here: https://tdi.dartmouth.edu/news-events/theres-strength-numbers-people-facing-serious-illness

Multi-Component Implementation of Shared Decision Making for Uterine Fibroids Across Socioeconomic Strata

The goal of this project is to implement Option Grids into clinical practice into electronic health records, patient portals, and telehealth systems at five settings – namely Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Mayo, Montefiore, and Washington University.

Principal Investigators: Glyn Elwyn
Partner: Patient-Center Outcomes Research Institute
Project Dates: 2018-Present
Contact: Rachel Forcino


Multiple Sclerosis Continuous Quality Improvement (MS-CQI) Collaborative

The Multiple Sclerosis Continuous Quality Improvement (MS-CQI) Collaborative is the first national multi-center quality improvement research collaborative for multiple sclerosis (MS) in the United States. The goal of MSCQI is to use patient reported and clinical information from 4 participating MS centers to study and improve outcomes and experience of care for people with MS.  MSCQI features an online platform which can be used by patients and clinicians to inform and coproduce care, population level feedback reporting to MS centers to inform improvement, and a step-wedge randomized research design to study the effect of QI interventions on outcomes over 3 years.

Principal Investigator: Brant Oliver
Partner: Biogen
Project Dates: 2018-Present
Contact: Amy Hall

Measuring Coproduction Using coopeRATE: A Validation Study

The goal of this study is to establish new methods for measuring and improving collaborative goal setting between patients and their care providers in cystic fibrosis (CF) care.

Principal Investigator: Glyn Elwyn
Partner: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 
Project Dates: 2018-Present
Contact: Gabrielle Stevens

Photo Credit: Mark Washburn

Enabling Uptake of a Registry-Supported Care and Learning System in the U.S. & Ongoing Development of a National Program of Quality Improvement in CF Care

The goal of this project was to learn more about partnerships and opportunities to co-create care between individuals living with CF, their families, and their care teams. This project resulted in the co-design and pilot testing of a shared electronic environment that enabled symptom tracking, self-management, communication during and between visits, and informed decision-making to support co-creation of health and well-being.

Principal Investigator: Gene Nelson
Partner: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Project Dates: 2014-2018
Contact: Aricca Van Citters 

Read more here: https://www.cff.org/Care/Clinician-Resources/Network-News/March-2018/CF-Health-Check-Building-Partnerships-Through-Shared-Information/