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About Us


The Center for Professional Development (CPD) facilitates and supports the professional development of Dartmouth undergraduates and young alumni. We define post-graduate success outcomes as employment, fellowships, graduate school or service opportunities. To achieve these goals, we work collaboratively with an ecosystem that includes employers, parents, alumni, faculty and staff – all of whom contribute to the success of individuals we serve.

We provide a host of services to Dartmouth students and young alumni, including individual advising and facilitating access to opportunities, events and resources that build skills and knowledge of career fields.

While we offer a diverse range of events ranging from career fairs and on-campus interviewing opportunities to small group workshops, job shadowing and "Off the Green" programs that focus on the breadth and depth of a single industry, all of our efforts are designed to usher students into a new ERA of professional development. All programs and services are designed to help students:

  • Explore opportunities
  • Reflect on experiences and
  • Articulate skills and unique value proposition

We believe every Dartmouth student offers future colleagues a unique set of skills and experiences. We help students dare to be different. As a team, we have developed a credo that we live by through our work. We are committed to serving students by:

  • Partnering with you to help define your goals and own your success
  • Providing advice customized to your unique skills and interests
  • Coaching you on how to effectively communicate what makes you different
  • Empowering you to take pride in your difference and have confidence in your future

To achieve our goals, we partner with colleagues, alumni, parents and employers and collaborate with one another. Whether you are a student, employer or part of our wider community, we encourage you to stop by our office, meet our team and learn more.