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Whether you are seeking a job or interested in hiring Dartmouth students, you are an integral part of our community and we have resources and services for you.

As a job seeker, you can access:

One-on-one coaching appointments (only for alumni within five years of graduation)

  • To schedule an appointment with a CPD Career Coach, call 603-646-2215. *AVAILABLE starting the fifth week of each term.*


  • Access the Resource Library information including our Resume, Cover Letter and Networking Guides
  • View fellowships, research and full-time job opportunities listed through Dartmouth and other curated sites (read job posts for instructions on applying)
  • If you are experiencing login problems, please contact Ashley Arsenal.

Alumni Relations

If you are seeking to advise Dartmouth talent, join our networks:

Dartmouth College Alumni LinkedIn Group

  • Engage with over 45,000 alumni and students in community discussions and have access to job posts and community updates.

Dartmouth Externship Program for Professional Development 

Dartmouth Career Network

  • Join a network of thousands of Dartmouth alumni who have volunteered to advise students and fellow alumni in their job, career path, and graduate school explorations.

If your organization or someone you know is seeking to hire Dartmouth talent, contact Fiona Hall (603-646-1163). She’ll review your options and help you figure out the best way to partner with our office.