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Graduate and Professional School

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) provides advising services and resources to students and young alumni (up to five years out) interested in exploring graduate and professional schools post-Dartmouth. CPD advisors provide specific advising services for graduate and professional schools focused on process, timeline and core resources for exploring graduate and professional programs and tools to prepare for entry-testing (LSAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.).

When looking to identify programs and specific areas of discipline, it is highly encouraged to connect with Dartmouth alumni and faculty based on their area of study and discipline as they will be your core resource for identifying programs. Additionally, professional associations provide comprehensive insight into graduate and professional school options.

CPD’s Graduate School Guide has been developed to help you learn:

  • When and if you should attend graduate or professional school
  • Tools and resources for researching graduate and professional schools and programs
  • Timeline and core application components to applying to graduate or professional school
  • Options for identifying alumni, Dartmouth faculty and other individuals who have a specialized in your desired area of study.

To access the Graduate School Guide, log into DartBoard and visit the Resource Library.

Additional Programs:

Business School
Law School Guide

**Please note, the CPD does not offer Medical School advising, the Health Professions Program provides advising and resources to students interested in this area.