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Jobs and Internships

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) provides access to internship and job listings via a number of different websites, detailed below. CPD recommends a four-pronged approach to finding jobs and internships. As a candidate, structure your search to:

  • Research and identify industries that match your goals and interests
  • Identify individual companies and organizations whose reputations and expertise appeal to you.
  • Network with alumni and personal contacts working in the field or the specific company you're interested in.
  • Consult with sites, such as those described below, which list current job and internship openings.

Notice that searching current openings is only part of the process. Candidates who take a holistic approach that incorporates industry and company-level searches, in combination with networking, tend to be more successful than those who rely on job and internship postings alone.  The Jobs & Internships Guide, accessible through the DartBoard Research Library, provides best practices and additional resources for your search.

To maximize your search, read the Jobs & Internships Guide and book an appointment with a Career Coach.

Beware of potential fraudulent postings and scams!  Click here for more info.

DartBoard: Search the jobs and internships listings on DartBoard to find positions from employers who specifically target Dartmouth. Additional positions available through our Recruiting program are also listed in DartBoard.

Click here to view detailed feedback, provided by students, on internships they’ve recently taken.

Handshake: Managed by Thayer School of Engineering Career Services, is a recruiting platform for students and grads seeking engineering and technically-focused options. Request an account to explore jobs and internships.

Leave Term Feedback Database: Hundreds of Dartmouth student reviews of internship experiences. Sign in as a Guest to find peers who have worked for an employer you're interested in, identify organizations that have awarded off-cycle internships, and for reviews. (Access via DartBoard Resource Library.)

Dartmouth Career Network (DCN): The DCN is a professional network of tens of thousands of alumni who are willing to advise students and fellow alumni on their career paths.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the premier networking site that allows you to connect with alumni, join groups built around your interests and career aspirations, and reach out to professionals in most fields. Current students can also join the Dartmouth College Alumni Network.

Idealist: A global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources, including listings for jobs and internships.