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Student Responsibilities in Recruiting

Our policies help make the recruiting process fair for everyone involved. Every student participating in the Recruiting Program must review and comply with the following policies. Failure to do so will result in the loss of recruiting privileges.


Students who participate in any application process supported by the Center for Professional Development must accurately represent their academic and personal history on all documentation submitted as part of their application. Any student who misrepresents any information will lose the support of the CPD in all future application processes and will be referred to the undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office for further disciplinary action.

Interview Scheduling

All interviews should be scheduled around academic commitments. If an employer is pressuring you to take an interview at a specific date/time that causes difficulty, email promptly so that we can help. Students must be living in the Upper Valley area for the term in order to sign up for an on-campus interview through DartBoard. Off-campus candidates will be considered for phone/video interviews, and employer decisions for those interviews will appear in DartBoard.


You may change or cancel your interview time slot in DartBoard up until 8:30 am TWO BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR to your interview (e.g. 8:30 am Thursday for a Monday interview). Neither changes nor cancellations are accepted after that point. DO NOT contact employers directly to change or cancel on-campus interviews.

No Shows

Failure to show up for an interview will result in the loss of recruiting privileges. Unless you have cancelled your interview by 8:30 am TWO BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR, you will be considered a "no show" if you do not arrive on time for a scheduled interview. If an emergency arises, call the CPD at 603-646-1665.

Reneging on Offers:

After you accept a job or internship offer (verbally or in written form), you must stop all further interviewing and immediately notify employers where you have an offer or interview pending, regardless of how the offer was obtained. A student who accepts an offer and subsequently declines (reneges) could be disqualified from further participation in on-campus recruiting and use of CPD resources and/or possible referral to Judicial Affairs.