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SELF Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I apply for SELF after the deadline?
    Due to the volume of requests received we are unable to review and consider applications after the deadline.
  2. Can I apply for funding if I have not secured or confirmed my experience yet?
    Yes. If granted funding, you will need to provide documentation of proof for your experience before we can disburse funds.
  3. If I am pursuing an opportunity after my graduation, will this experience be eligible for SELF?
    The Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF) was created to support experiential learning for current undergraduate Dartmouth students. If the experience occurs after graduation, it will not meet the eligibility requirements for the SELF program. We recommend connecting with the Office of Scholarship Advising to learn about post-graduate funding resources.
  4. Is there a minimum or maximum length of time that a student can apply for funding?
    There are not a minimum number of weeks or hours for an experience to be eligible for SELF, however, we encourage you to factor in if you can partake in a part-time job to help offset living expenses. Additionally, we currently make funding decisions for each term and do not fund for a multiple term experience.
  5. Is funding guaranteed?
    Funding is not guaranteed. Historically we have received more funding applications than we can support each term. It is important to seek alternative funding options in case you are not provided funding through SELF.
  6. Can I apply for funding from more than one campus resource?
    You can apply for funding from more than one center, however, if granted funding from more than one center you can only accept funding from one source.
  7. What is the funding limit?
    For individual proposals, we can fund up to $5,000.
  8. Can I apply for funding for supplies for the experience?
    In most cases, the SELF funding is aimed at defraying the expenses associated with the cost of housing, meals and transportation. If you are engaging in an experience that requires supplies, it should be the responsibility of the organization to provide those (i.e. research tools, equipment, classroom material, etc.)
  9. Am I able to request funding to help offset my required wages through Financial Aid?
    No, the primary intent of SELF is to help provide funding for housing, meals and transportation for unpaid/low paid experiences.
  10. Can I apply for funding through SELF to provide me a stipend/source of salary?
    No, the primary intent of SELF it to help provide funding to offset the expenses of housing, meals and transportation that normally could be covered by receiving wages from the organization.
  11. Can I be funded more than once through SELF in an academic year?  Students are eligible to receive funding once an academic year through SELF.
  12. Can I apply for funding to support Dartmouth experiences? (i.e. Tuck Bridge, FSP/LSAs, etc.)
    The intent for SELF is to support non-Dartmouth experiences, therefore experiences like Tuck Bridge, FSP/LSA programs are not supported through SELF. It is encouraged to connect directly with these programs/departments for funding support options.
  13. Are applications reviewed on a rolling basis? When are decisions made?
    Applications are reviewed collectively after the funding deadline for each term. Funding decisions are subsequently made and applicants are typically notified three weeks after the funding application deadline.