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Undocumented Students

Not sure about what to do after graduation or struggling to find an internship? Immigrants Rising is a great resource to use, as well as the Career Coaches in the Center for Professional Development, and advisors within the Deans Office and OPAL.


  • America Dream Award: For students who are entering their second year or higher of education beyond high school. Individuals granted deferred action status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) encouraged to apply.
  • A. Patrick Charnon Scholarship: The selection committee looks for candidates who value tolerance, compassion and respect for all people in their communities, and who have demonstrated their commitments to these values by their actions.
  • Custom Made: For students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program.
  • Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund: Applicants must demonstrate activism in the struggle to achieve civil rights, economic justice, international solidarity, or other progressive issues. Undocumented students are invited to apply.
  • Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship Program: To provide outstanding, financially-needy undergraduate students with the financial assistance they need to pursue their health-related career.
  • HENAAC Scholars Program: Addressing the immense need that the United States has to produce more domestic engineers and scientists.
  • Herbert Lehman Scholarship: Must have a demonstrable record of community and school involvement that reveals exceptional leadership potential with a capacity to work well in diverse settings. Non-US citizens are eligible for this scholarship.
  • MALDEF Dream Act Student Activist Scholarship Program: To support the nation's college and graduate student leaders who have been outstanding advocates for the DREAM Act and all immigrant rights.
  • Mensa Foundation College Scholarship Program: Scholarships offered by Mensa with no residency or citizenship required.
  • Mexican American Dream Scholarship: Provides scholarships to outstanding students who are immigrants or of immigrant descent and pursuing a higher education.
  • Platt Family Scholarship Prize Essay Contest: Applicants must submit an essay addressing the topic, "Lincoln and Gettysburg: Expectations, Reactions, Consecrations." To quality, applicants must be full time students and do not need to be American citizens.
  • Univision Es El Momento Scholarship: Be enrolled full time at a four year university and maintain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

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