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Q: I am like to ride my bike. Am I good enough to be on the team?

Yes!  We take all levels of riders. Collegiate racing offers categories for all experience and ability levels. Many of us didn’t even own a road bike the first time we tried road racing – often borrowing a bike (via a VERY kind stranger on the team list-serv).  Anyone can do it! Come for a ride with us. Friday Café Rides are accessible for all at an easy pace (road bikes strongly encouraged), and run regularly during the warmer months.

Q: Do I need a bike to join?  

Every Dartmouth rider should have an appropriate bicycle.  Though borrowing is always a possibility to “test out” cycling, bike ownership is key to advancing skills and being a part of the team.

Q: I’m ready! How do I sign up for the team?

There is no official sign-up to ride with the Dartmouth Cycling Team.  Join our list-serv to receive team communications and get information on daily rides.  If you’d like to join the team, you’ll want to look into joining our “sponsored riders list.”  Sponsored riders commit to racing with the team and also volunteering at our hosted race, and in becoming more involved get access to team uniforms, sponsor discounts on the best cycling equipment in the world, and a host of other perks.  Check us out at any sports or activities fair!

Q: How do I get in touch with the Dartmouth Cycling community? What is this List-serv?

If you’d like to get in touch with the entire community, use the Cycling List-Serv.  To subscribe, send an email to with the message contents:


Also, like us on Facebook to be kept up to date on rides and team events!

Q: Are there team practices? How should I train?

The team has no “practices” in the typical sense of the word.  Most members of the team abide by individual training programs, but join up to go out on training rides organized through the list-serv. If you are interested in learning how you can train more effectively, talk to anyone on the team who has been racing for a couple of years.  Any of us will be happy to point you in the right direction; furthermore, sponsored riders get access to training plans from Bell Lap Coaching.

Q: What is racing like? How often does it happen? How do I sign up?

The best part about riding your bike is racing it!  Road races happen every weekend mid-March through May. For the complete calendar, go to the ECCC website. To race with us you need to be a “sponsored rider” which means you’ll have paid some amount of dues. That will get you X number of races (depending on your level of membership) that include transportation, lodging, and race fees. The team also has a somewhat smaller, but no less enthusiastic, presence at MTB and Cyclo-Cross races during the fall.

Q: Where do you store your equipment?

Most people keep their bike in their dorm room. This is your best option, although some dorms do have hooks in the basement or you can lock your bike to a pipe. If you’d like, the housing office will set up a bike rack for you in your room for a small charge plus a $50 deposit. Contact them when you get to campus.

Q: What will the team pay for? How do I get team discounts?

As a club sport, the cycling team is entitled to some funds, but not limitless ones. We have a great group of sponsors and alumni supporters who allow us to provide free transportation, lodging, and race fees to all of the road races in the spring. Riders are responsible for paying food costs while on the road. The team does have a number of sponsorship deals and discounts. To be eligible, you must pay dues. There are different levels of membership. The more you pay, the more races you get, and the more money you save.

Q: Does the club have rollers, bike tools, stands, travel boxes etc. or should I bring all of my gear with me to campus?

You should bring your own rollers/trainers and tools. However, with some team supplies and a large amount of riders, all it takes is an email to the list-serv and you can get what you need.


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