Prospective Students

Does Dartmouth have a good cycling team?

If by “good,” you mean incredibly fast and devilishly good looking, then yes! We do! In all seriousness, Dartmouth does have a solid group of committed bike racers, from weekend warrior students to those who race year-round and place well at national championships. Just a few of our proud accomplishments:

  • Dartmouth has won the Ivy Cup and the Eastern Conference Championships many times since 1961, including an ongoing six-year hold on the Ivy Cup.
  • Cyclists from Dartmouth have gone on to compete at elite amateur events, U23 nationals and worlds, and UCI Pro Continental races.
  • Dartmouth riders have scored wins at collegiate road and cyclocross nationals.

So we like to race… fast. But, just as importantly, we have a fun time doing it. We are always excited when people who lack experience get on a bike and give racing a try. Collegiate racing is a great place to start.

Is the cycling team a varsity sport?

The Dartmouth cycling team is not considered a varsity sport. Collegiate cycling has been deemed “too cool” for the NCAA so Dartmouth officially calls us a club sport.

What is the ECCC and why is Dartmouth Division II?

Collegiate Cycling is divided up into 11 regional conferences. Dartmouth is a proud member of the ECCC, or the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. The ECCC is home to just over 90 collegiate teams, who are divided up into Division I and Division II, based on the size of the school. Because Dartmouth is a relatively small school, we are considered Division II. During the regular season, Division I and II teams compete against each other, with no distinction. The divisions are broken up during national events.

Is there a coach I can talk to?

The Dartmouth cycling team does not have a full time, official coach on campus.  We have access to the expertise of Steve Weller ’05 of Bell Lap Coaching, who provides our riders with world-class training plans and advice.  Team members can also call upon the services of Thom Walsh, a PhD candidate at TDI and a certified personal trainer and physical therapist. Of course, you will always have the expertise of your teammates at your disposal.

Can I be recruited for cycling?

Because Dartmouth cycling is not a varsity sport, there is no official recruitment process. But don’t be fooled! The cycling team has met with prospective students to answer questions, show them around campus, and even go on rides with them.  Please send us an email at least a week before your campus visit to arrange a meeting.

Dartmouth Cycling Fact Sheet:

  • Who: The team is comprised of anywhere from 12-40 members of the Dartmouth community who like to ride and race their bikes.
  • What: Bike racing!
  • Where: Races are held at colleges and universities throughout the east, from Philadelphia to New York and on our own campus!
  • When: The collegiate road season runs from mid-March through May.  A smaller subset of the team also races mountain and cyclocross from September to December.
  • Why: We enjoy spandex. Obviously.

Riding Bikes Fast since 1961