DartCF Wins $6M NIDDK Grant

The National Institutes of Health has renewed funding for the Dartmouth Cystic Fibrosis ¬†(CF) Research Center, one of seven national CF research and translation centers funded by the NIDDK. DartCF, directed by Dean Madden, was launched in 2018. It provides core research facilities, access to clinical samples, biostatistical support, and pilot project funding for groups working on the GI and systemic aspects of CF disease. DartCF works closely with the CF Foundation¬†Research Development Program headed by Bruce Stanton, with the CF and M2P2 training grants headed by George O’Toole and Deb Hogan, and with Dartmouth’s CF Cluster faculty, Jim Bliska and Ben Ross. These colleagues also lead key components of DartCF, together with Ali Ashare, Tim Gardner, and Todd MacKenzie. More than 30 faculty members participate campus wide.