Research Training Core (CF LBC)

Director: George O’Toole, Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

The primary objective of the Dartmouth CF Research Training Core is to recruit and train pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows so that they are well-prepared to become independent, funded investigators studying cystic fibrosis. A hallmark of our program is the close and consistent interaction of our faculty with our trainees via numerous Research Development Program (RDP)-sponsored activities, including weekly research meetings, courses, journal clubs and our annual retreat. The training activities at Dartmouth are enhanced by funds from an NIH-funded training award focused on CF, and the successes of our trainees in competing for individual fellowship support.  The training that our students and fellows receive through Training Core activities, in the context of basic and translational science in CF and from a multidisciplinary team of researchers, provides an extraordinary foundation for wide-ranging future work in CF that will impact the next generation of CF-relevant therapeutic development and our basic understanding of disease processes.  The summary table of the accomplishments of current trainees and the current work of former trainees speaks to the success of our innovative, disease-based training program.