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Carter Bartram ’18


1. Name:

Carter Bartram '18

2. Current Location

Wilmington, DE

3. What have you been up to after graduation?

I spent two years as the head fencing coach at Wagner College's Division I NCAA women's fencing team while earning an MBA there.

4. What weapon did you fence in college? Foil

5. How did being on the fencing team contribute to your Dartmouth experience?

Being on the team basically WAS my Dartmouth experience. It's a trite saying that the "student" part of "student-athlete" comes first, but I treated it more as a challenge than a guideline. I even brought my fencing equipment to train and compete during my foreign study program in South Africa. Earning a degree is great, but I could have done that anywhere. I would not have enjoyed fencing as much if I had done it anywhere else.

6. Favorite Dartmouth Fencing memories:

Winning club nationals my senior year was great, as was fencing in South Africa, but I think my most impactful memory was the Big One my freshman year. Outside of college and world championships, fencing is pretty exclusively an individual sport, but hearing an entire team's worth of support (in particular Scott bellowing "That's it!" after every touch) was electrifying. Nowadays, even the toughest individual competitions feel relaxed by comparison.
7. Advice to current fencers:
Shameless plug time! If you fence foil, you can find a ton of high-level bout commentary and analysis on my YouTube channel, If you want to send any bouts my way, I'm always open to take a look at them. For any weapon, analyzing video of yourself and/or top-level fencing makes a huge difference in how quickly you can improve.