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Scott Brookes ’14

1. Name: 
Scott Brookes
2. Location:
Boston Area
3. What have you been up to after graduation?
After undergrad, I stayed at Dartmouth to complete my Ph.D. at the Thayer School where I studied operating system security. I was fortunate enough to coach the team while I was in graduate school. Since 2018, I’ve been in the Boston area working as a researcher in computer security and training and competing in foil.
4. What weapon did you fence in college?
Epee & Foil
5. How did being on the fencing team contribute to your Dartmouth experience?
Being on the fencing team defined my Dartmouth experience. A group of people sharing a passion for the sport I love; what else could I need? Beyond the close friends, the team gave me opportunities to learn and grow; it gave me all that I put into it and more.
6. Favorite Dartmouth Fencing memories and stories?
Cabin trips, competitions, team dinners, midnight breakfasts; there are too many to list. However, my most vivid memories are winning the 6-weapon gold at the club national championships in both 2014 (as a fencer and captain) and 2018 (as a coach).
7. Advice to current fencers?
My advice is to "raise the bar” in some way that is important to you. Don’t be content with the status quo on the team; do your part to make something better. With everyone working to achieve new goals, the team can stand on the shoulders of past generations to reach new heights every year.