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Tan Chen ’11

1. Name
Tan (Dan) Chen '11

2. Location
Toronto, ON

3. What have you been up to after graduation?
Spent 4 years in Michigan for medical school, then completed residency in orthopaedic surgery in Toronto. I'm currently finishing up further sub-specialization in spine surgery before heading back stateside. Unfortunately I haven't had as much time to fence anymore, but stay involved with the sport by providing medical support at national and international FIE competitions.

4. What weapon did you fence in college?

5. How did being on the fencing team contribute to your Dartmouth experience?
DCFC had a tremendously positive impact on my college experience. The team provided me a set of lifelong friends, a support network, and an outlet from the daily stressors of undergraduate life. It offered many opportunities for leadership, team building, and organization, all skills that have been vital in my career growth.

6. Favorite Dartmouth Fencing memories and stories?
The events that lead to that infamous trophy photo/pose, building Enzo the training dummy, redesigning the armoury, and the numerous team dinners and bonding events throughout the years.

7. Advice to current fencers?
Four years may feel long now, but it really does go by in a flash. So enjoy and make the most of your time at Dartmouth and with DCFC. Love the team and the sport, participate, contribute, and give back as you rise in seniority. We have something special at DCFC, go Big Green!