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About us


The Team

Emily, Max, Lorna, Britney

 Welcome to Dartmouth! I’d like your time as a postdoc here to be as enjoyable as mine has been. Whether you’re moving here alone, or with a family, DCPDA is here to create a community for you!



  • Max Kinateder, Social Chair, Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences
  • Britney Privett, Professional Development Chair, Department of Biology
  • Emily Weyburne, Advocacy Chair, Molecular Systems Biology department


Christian Knopke, Webmaster, Engineering





Linkedin2Jibran Y. Khokhar, Past President, Psychiatry






Faculty Advisors:

Dean Madden, Biochemistry

Non-faculty advisory Board:

Victoria Blodgett, Assistant Dean For Postdoctoral Affairs

Cindy Tobery, Associate Director, DCAL

Elizabeth Bankert, Office of the Provost