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Research Day call for participants

2017 Call for Participants - Please look for announcements in the coming weeks.
Previous Call:
Fellow Postdocs, after several years organizing a highly successful Research Symposium (BTW: Thanks to all those that attended last year's!!), DCPDA is proud to announce that this year we will be holding a Postdoctoral Research DAY. One new and exciting addition will be Dartmouth's first RESEARCH SLAM!!

What's that? We want you to present your research in a complete new way! We're looking for volunteers who want to take part in a great event and show others the fun part of science. This is not only about getting to know what your fellow postdocs are working on, but it's an opportunity to present your project in a funny, entertaining way. Even the most theoretical or complex topic can be told in a fun and exciting way.

Specifics of the Research Slam:

HOW: Research slammers will present their work without powerpoint or projector, the only visual aid will be a whiteboard, colorful pens and whatever else you bring with you! Each presentation should be at least 8 but no longer than 12 minutes long.

GOAL: Make it fun to understand what you're working on, make the audience excited about your project, make the word spread that you have something really cool going on! You can get the audience involved, bring pictures or objects: be creative and innovative!
The audience will vote for the best science slammer based on: Entertaining factor, comprehensibility of project, creative performance. Of course there will be a prize for the winner!
So be part of the experience, dare to stand up for science and slam the prize!

To get a broader understanding on how great this event can be, check out these links:

We don't have a final date for the research day but it'll be held around late Nov. / Early Dec. If you'd be interested in participating in such an event please e-mail Orsi, DCPDA's Vice-president, so that we can get an idea of the potential level of participation (you don't have to fully commit if the final date doesn't suit you):
P.S.: Many thanks to Sravana, Daniela & Addi for helping us put this together