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Life after Postdoc-ing


A great percentage of new PhD graduates enter into a postdoctoral position shortly after defending.  The decision to do a postdoc stems from different motivations and career goals; to stay in academia, to teach, to fill a requirement for a job in industry, or to simply be able to keep ones options open.  At the end of the day though, the goal is the same – to strength ones CV to land a job.  Very similar to the grad student experience, postdocs spend a majority of their time in lab, teaching, writing grants, etc. Compound this with the fact that many postdocs move to a new, unfamiliar location to continue their training can make it difficult to connect with others outside of their lab for career advice and support.  With these installments of job search questionnaires by current and past postdocs, the DCPDA hopes to be able to guide current and future postdocs with their own search.

If you are a postdoc or have recently transitioned out of a postdoc position and would like to share your experiences and advice, please reach out! We would love to feature you and your insights would be extremely helpful.

Interview with Britney Rose Privett