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Postdoc survey


The purpose of these surveys is to:

  1. Acquire detailed demographics of the postdoctoral population employed by Dartmouth, including age, salary range, gender, citizenship status, and years of postdoctoral experience.
  2. Assess the overall postdoctoral training experience, including obtaining information on the types of training modules/programs postdocs need to enhance their experience at Dartmouth.
  3. Assess the job outlook for postdocs at Dartmouth, including their perceived chances of advancing in their profession and types of jobs they are currently interested in or actively pursuing.
  4. Determine whether there are currently any major issues amongst the general postdoctoral population in regards to the postdoctoral/mentor relationship.
  5. Determine whether postdocs are aware of the resources available to them and to assess the postdoctoral population's thoughts in regards to various types of personal issues or concerns that could ultimately affect the overall performance of postdocs while at Dartmouth.

2018 Postdoc Survey:

2015 Postdoc Survey

2012 Postdoc Survey