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Useful links

DCPDA guide
starter kit with lots of information about living in Hanover and being a postdoc at Dartmouth

National Postdoc Association 
The national voice of postdoctoral scholars of which Dartmouth is an member.

Dartmouth Grant Proposal Support (GPS)
Provides opportunities to assist faculty, postdocs, and grad students in writing grant proposals.

Next Wave/Science
Resources for career development.

Homepage of the National Institute of Health.
Science, math, and engineering career resources.
Recruiting and marketplace for postdocs.

NCI Star Catcher

NCI transition development award

NIH office of technology transfer

Fellows will work with OTT patenting and licensing staff and OTT policy staff, NIH scientists and outside industrial or academic collaborators in pursuit of these goals. Fellows will spend 20% of their training time in an assigned NIH laboratory, and 80% at OTT.

NCI-FDA fellowships

The objective of the NCI-FDA fellowships is to train a cadre of scientists in research and research-related regulatory review, policies, and regulations so that they develop a skill set that bridge the two disparate processes. Fellows will learn to build awareness of regulatory requirements into the early stages of the medical product development process and will develop strategies to improve planning throughout research and regulatory review.


IDP plan

Create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and map our your career: