The Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group helps local non-profit organizations and small businesses  identify and solve problems for positive change. We build multidisciplinary teams of motivated students who are eager to apply their technical and analytical skills for the benefit of  the community. Our services are 100% pro bono.

Here are the three services we offer

One time consultation (1 hour meeting)

Best for helping thinking through some issues or getting feedback on ideas. This can also be a starting point for a mini-project or full-consulting case.


  • Brainstorming ways to engage more customers
  • Talking through a transition to online commerce
  • Sharing information and resources that could be helpful

Mini project (3 week duration)

Best for businesses with a specific problem to solve. Request a 3-week, highly focused project with a team of Dartmouth associate consultants to offer the best solution.


  • Can you help us improve our social media outreach?
  • How do we ship our products to customers most effectively?
  • What is the best target audience to market our product to?
  • How are we doing compared to other organizations?

Full consulting case (10 week duration)

Our most comprehensive offering: a 10-week-long collaboration with a team of Dartmouth associate consultants. Clients will work with DGCG to plan for the attainment of specified goals; the Consulting Group will help in providing strategies and recommendations through in-depth research and analyses to help guide clients achieve their goals.


  • Can you help us reach more customers?
  • How do we minimize cost and maximize our profit?
  • What are new opportunities in our market that our business can leverage?
  • How do we streamline our business’ operations?
  • How is our brand doing and how can we improve it?