Digital Domains

The Digital Domains Special issue of Advances in Archaeological Practice is now out!

The proliferation of digital mapping techniques has not only transformed the way archaeology is conducted in both the field and laboratory, but it has caused a fundamental shift in the types of research questions being asked, resulting in the creation of a new sub-specialization in archaeology and a strengthening of the connections between archaeology, geosciences, and engineering. New research foci, interdisciplinary research partnerships, and the growing array of recording and analytical technologies have produced a subfield with a wide variety of applications. With generous support from the Neukom Institute of Computational Science at Dartmouth College, Digital Domains brought together an international group of scholars who use remote sensing methods to investigate archaeological landscapes ranging in scale from a single archaeological site to an entire biome or culture area. Contributions to this conference emphasize new and developing data collection approaches such as close-range photogrammetry, LiDAR, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and novel techniques for data integration and analysis.

Also, browse a gallery of images from the conference for your enjoyment.

Digital Domains Schedule in Adobe Acrobat pdf (revised 3/18)
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