The Digital Lab is a space in Dartmouth College’s Black Family Visual Arts Center in which students can create amazing digital art using state-of-the-art computer programs.  It is the room with big glass walls in the middle of the first floor in the VAC.


To create an space where students can use the amazingly powerful digital tools available today without feeling constrained by the shackles of unfamiliar technology.


A room bustling with artistic energy and collaboration, with awesome digital art being produced every day.


Non-Open-Hours Access:
During hours when I am not here, card access is available for FILM and SART majors, students in film production or photo classes, and by request.
Requests can be for an entire course or for a specific student with a project or goal in mind that requires the use of the lab.  Requests can be sent to digital.lab@dartmouth.edu and are subject to review by the digital lab specialist and the FILM and SART department chairs.
–No food, except drink in closed containers
–All work stored in “Project Storage/First_Last/”
–If you have questions or break something, let me know – ask or email me (Chris – digital.lab@dartmouth.edu)
To register for workshops: