The Importance of Sleep… Beauty and Brains

Kristal Wong — Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? Who doesn’t want straight A’s? According to scientists at the University of Manchester in the UK and Duke-NUS Medical school in Singapore, experts believe that sleeping may help you to achieve both beauty and brains1,2,3. The key is the body’s circadian rhythm and body clock mechanism. The scientists in Manchester, led by Dr. Chang, compared normal mice to genetically engineered mice with a … Continue reading

Exercising…to Work? The Health Benefits

Kristal Wong In college, many students walk (or bike) to class. Yet once we leave the Dartmouth bubble, most of us, in our corporate internships or graduate school pursuits, will trade our mobile college lifestyles for a more sedentary one filled with cars and public transportation because they are more accessible. However, a study from the University of Leeds in … Continue reading