Recent study conducted by Duke University researchers reveals critical limitation of fMRI measurements

Audrey Herrald ’23, Neuroscience, Summer 2020 Cover Image: fMRI is used to display differences in basal ganglia activation between individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and control subjects—precisely the type of analysis that will be more difficult to accurately perform in light of newfound limitations to fMRI reliability. 1 The term … Continue reading

Study Finds that Nanoparticle Commonly Added in Food has Adverse Effects on Gut Microbiota

Anahita Kodali, Medical Sciences, News, Summer 2020 Figure 1: Wrigley’s, a popular brand of gum, contains E171. Other brands containing the additive include Trident, Pur, and EPIC. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons   Food directly impacts people’s weight and health.  One indisputable factor that contributes to weight gain is the number … Continue reading