Metallacycle-Mediated Cross-Coupling

Glenn Micalizio, an associate professor in the chemistry department at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, gave a presentation last Tuesday titled, “Metallacycle-Mediated Cross-Coupling: Reaction Development and Application in Stereoselective Synthesis,” which summarized his recent research which substantially expands of the scope and applications of a developing class of synthetic reactions aimed at selective carbon—carbon bond formation. Continue reading

Does 2 Equal 3? Unparticles Defy Luttinger’s Theory

This past Friday, Professor Philip W. Phillips, a professor of physics and faculty scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign spoke at the EE Just Symposium at Dartmouth College. He discussed his recent work with undergraduates Kiraran Dave, Charlie Kane and Brandon Lnagley, in which he argues that the behavior of unparticles in high temperature superconducters disproves the fundamental concepts of Luttinger’s Theorem. Continue reading