STEM Panel & Guide

DUJS STEM Guide 2015 (PDF)


Your first year at Dartmouth can be a difficult adjustment for a variety of reasons. As underclassmen, we found it difficult to traverse the maze of science, engineering, and mathematics courses here at Dartmouth. Resources were scattered across department websites, and the ORC was unwieldy at times. Additionally, we sometimes found it hard to talk to upperclassmen to learn from their successes or mistakes. Because we realized the utility of a centralized resource for academic inquiries, this publication serves as the official STEM Guide by the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science to help all science students here succeed academically.

The guide features compiled information about each STEM department along with statistics and related extracurricular activities. It also contains quotes and interviews from professors and students in order to provide personal advice and anecdotes. To help you prepare for life after Dartmouth, which is admittedly a somewhat distant prospect, we have included career advice as well.

We hope this guide serves as your companion when choosing your next term of classes or when you start D-planning for the years to come.

We wish you the best of luck going forward!

The DUJS Editorial Board


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