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Working with the iPad

IMG_7349We just finished our second workshop focusing on Working with the iPad.  We compiled our favorite apps and strategies.  We took a couple of moments to ask the facilitators about their favorite apps.


"My favorite storage app is Dropbox at home and OneDrive for work.  I like how Dropbox integrates with all of my favorite apps and it syncs to my computer.  I like OneDrive for syncing my work in Microsoft Office." - Adam Nemeroff, Instructional Designer.

Here are links to all the apps we picked for storage.  Tell us what you like best in the comments!


"My favorite app for productivity is Microsoft Word when I am trying to get something formatted specifically.  It works almost identically compared to the desktop version.  You can also share the documents back to either OneDrive or Dropbox which is really helpful.  I like Google Docs for when I'm collaborating with lots of people in real time." -Adam Nemeroff, Instructional Designer

Here are links to the other productivity apps we demonstrated.  Let us know what you like in the comments!

Note Taking

"When it comes to note taking, nothing beats Evernote.  It is great for capturing exactly what I'm thinking and making it all searchable later on.  I also love how it is accessible across all of my devices including my laptop, iPhone, iPad, and the web.  It's definitely worth trying if you haven't had the chance!" - Helen Ainsworth, LMS Consultant

We demonstrated several apps tied to note taking and digitizing your thoughts.  Check out the apps and let us know your thoughts!


"Reading on the Kindle app is great.  You can find great deals from Amazon and when you start on one device, you can easily sync your progress to the other devices and apps." - Helen Ainsworth, LMS Consultant

"For PDF reading on the go, I'm a big fan of Documents.  You can log into any of your cloud accounts and download your PDF's for reading offline.  It's great for queuing up academic articles for reading on the go, it's the only way I can stay on top of educational research happening." - Adam Nemeroff, Instructional Designer

Photo Editing

"I really like how Adobe Photoshop Express allows you slightly more capability than the native photo editing capabilities. " - Helen Ainsworth, LMS Consultant

"I like using Skitch for screenshots because they are super easy to make, and they sync with my Evernote account." - Adam Nemeroff, Instructional Designer


"I really like both the personalized and social integrations with Flipboard.  I tell it the topics I'm interested in and it remembers what I like and dislike.  It's also a really great way to go through my social media feeds for reading with the Twitter integration.  I also like the new NPR One app for my NPR podcasts and stories.  It's great because they gear it around your interest in specific topics and local connections." - Adam Nemeroff, Instructional Designer

Social and Communication

"I really like using Facetime to communicate via video with family and friends." - Helen Ainsworth, LMS Consultant

"I love using Twitter to stay on top of everything.  It's really helpful for professional development and news in both education and tech circles." - Adam Nemeroff, Instructional Designer

If we forgot anything, let us know what your favorite app is in the comments section!

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