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Tech Tips: Print to PDF in Mac OS and Windows

This tip has gotten us all out of a bind in many cases!  In Mac OS and Windows, it's always easy to save any document to a PDF.  Here are some of the options to do so.

Method 1: Mac OS

Mac OS has a PDF option built into the print menu by default.  Users can access this anywhere with the print menu.

1.  Navigate to FilePrint in any application.  From the Print Menu, select the PDF option on the bottom left corner of the window.

Print Option in Mac print menu

2. Select the option to Save as PDF.

Option to Save as PDF in Mac print menu.


Method 2: Save from the File Menu in Windows

In applications like Microsoft Word 2013, you can save files to PDF from the save menu.

1. Open up your document and navigate to File > "Save As ..." .  Select your destination to save the file.

Save As menu in Word

2.  (a) Select PDF from the Save as Type drop down menu on the bottom of the screen.  (b) Then click Save.



Method 3: Install Acrobat Pro and Use the Print Menu in Windows or Mac

Some people may have Acrobat Pro installed on their computer for purposes like this.  For these users on Windows, you can treat Acrobat Pro as a printer.  Similar to the Mac Option, you can find option to create a PDF in the print menu for any program or document.

Click here to visit Adobe's website to learn more.

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