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Getting Ready for Dartmouth’s Second edX Course! Call for Beta Testers!

The Engineering of Structures Around Us Header
The Engineering of Structures Around Us on edX May 5th-June16th. (Images source: Alistair Smith/Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The ENGSx team is hard at work getting our edX course, The Engineering of Structures Around Us, ready for an early May start. The course, taught by Professor Vicki May in the Thayer School of Engineering, will help participants explore how structures work, why they were designed the way they were designed, how they support loads, and where forces flow through them. Registration has opened and we’re happy to report 1500 students have already signed on!

Owl has an idea, goes through the design process, and is using an activity kit.
Owl has challenges, mishaps, and successes while learning about structures. (Illustrator: Katherine Roy)

The course is filled with hands-on activities using easy to find materials, design projects, short video lessons, online interactive simulations and case studies. Participants will share structures from around the world through images and video. Some lucky participants will receive activity kits, an idea of Jared Benedict (Thayer School). We’re proud to showcase the work of illustrator Katherine Roy through a collaboration with the Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) just across the river. Michelle Ollie, President of CCS, and Katherine helped the course team shape a narrative that explores the course concepts along with Owl, a creative character. Owl faces many challenges, pitfalls, and successes while designing and building his tree house library.

We’re looking for volunteers here at Dartmouth to beta test one of our modules in late March. Are you interested in having free food and fun with colleagues? If so, REGISTER HERE.

Owl's tree collapse and eventual success.
Owl learns about structural engineering through trial and error (left) and eventually finds great success in his treehouse library!

Introducing the ENGSx course team:

  • Vicki May, professor of awesome (engineering) and course designer
  • Adrienne Gauthier, instructional designer and course lead/manager
  • Jay Beaudoin, lead video producer and camera-man extraordinairre
  • Jared Benedict, technical expert and activity kit promoter
  • Sawyer Broadley, video editing and production guru
  • Janifer Holt, librarian and source of copyright knowledge
  • Plethora of Fabulous TA’s
    • Meegan Daigler
    • Katherine Franklin
    • Jenny Seong
    • Ariana Sopher
    • Laura Vang
  • Katherine Roy, fantabulous illustrator
  • David Souther (ThirdCat), provider of all things simulation

*courtesy ThirdCat, LLC.


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