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Analytics 360

Two of us from Ed Tech attended the NERCOMP Analytics 360 symposium at Brandeis on April 11. An insightful day, though of course no one has the magic solution to our analytics and data woes. Some key take-aways:

  • Most higher ed institutions struggle with data silos: information parked in different systems (LMS, student information system, admissions subsystem…) and belonging to different departments who may not always collaborate well
  • The big data tsunami is leading not just to a world of potential insights – but also to a torrent of BAD analytics: wrong questions asked, wrong correlations drawn, common-sense not applied, big picture missed. It takes not just data skills, but wisdom and intuition to see the forest through all these trees
  • Interesting! Brandeis offers an on-line degree in Strategic Analytics
  • Remember the Data --> Information --> Knowledge --> Wisdom progression, familiar to all ITIL devotees? Interesting parallel in terms of analytics:

    Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.12.52 PMCopyright: Gartner


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