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#BlackLivesMatter: Collective Reflections

By: Ashley Kehoe and Scott Millspaugh, Instructional Designers for the #BlackLivesMatter Course and Members of the Ferguson Teaching Collective / Featuring Photos By: Susan Simon, Media Learning Technologist and Member of the Ferguson Teaching Collective

In the spring '15 term, the first Dartmouth #BlackLivesMatter course was launched, collectively designed and taught by 28 faculty and staff members representing 10+ departments.

On June 2, the Dartmouth Ferguson Teaching Collective and students in the #BlackLivesMatter course gathered to publicly share media presentations and live performances showcasing their learning throughout the term. Check out descriptions from the event program and some actual examples of the compelling student media projects and original performances produced as part of the spring '15 #BlackLivesMatter course.

The following are students' descriptions and actual examples of  media projects produced in the spring '15 #BlackLivesMatter course:

Dartmouth Perspective: Oppression and Privilege

Highlights the myths and misconceptions that surround privilege and oppression on Dartmouth’s campus, as these misunderstandings can dilute the experiences of marginalized groups. (Isabella Coleman, Kristen Virkler, Danielle Jones)

Just Warming Up: Black Athlete Activism in the NBA

Posing questions rather than answers, “Just Warming Up” contextualizes recent NBA athletes’ acts of activism within the United States’ history of depoliticizing and commodifying athletes. (Leandra Barrett, Brian McGahie)

Nothing to Lose but Our Chains

Visual documentation of Black resistance over time to the present day movement, through the eyes of Black youth today to contextualize the #BlackLivesMatter movement, pay homage to those who started it all, and serve as a source of empowerment. (Kohar Avakian, Ilenna Jones, Brenden Stinson, Nigel Mills)

Hip Hop and The Movement

Uses images and videos mixed with an original lyrical composition to share some of what we’ve learned about the Movement this term. (Austin Welch, Allison Cho, and Abbeygale Anderson)

Underground News #BlackLivesMatter: Untold Stories

Focuses on untold stories of victims of police brutality using video journalism of police dash cameras to depict the horrible crimes against black bodies and the inhumane treatment of these bodies after they’ve been shot. (Rachael Williams, Alexis Wyatt)

#TranswomenOf Color & #BlackTransLivesMatter

Most media outlets talk about transgender women in a harmful way because they do not actually talk to, listen to, and uplift transgender women. These narratives often exclude transwomen of color and the daily violences they face. (Logan Henderson, Sara Schomburg, Michaela Demmert, Akash Kar)

Black Girl Burning

"Black Girl Burning" is an original musical and spoken word performance produced by students in the spring '15 #BlackLivesMatter course that centers the voices and struggles of Black women in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Spoken word written and performed by Calandra Jones, lyrics written and performed by Nkenna Ibeakanma, and backing audio made by Rebecca Drapkin from clips of #BlackLivesMatter protests.

From Micro to Macro: Unconscious Racism and its Implications on the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

It is time to consider that microaggressions are not so “micro,” and instead reveal a wider set of implications. (Sarah Errafay, Maryama Diaw, Rebecca Jacobson, Samuel Emmah, Catherine Donahoe)

If you're interested in learning more about the #BlackLivesMatter course or being involved in future iterations of the course, contact Ashley Kehoe or Scott Millspaugh, who can help direct you to the appropriate member of the collective.

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