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Canvas Tip – Using Your Calendar

calendarThe calendar in Canvas is a powerful tool that allows instructors to organize a course site easily and students to manage their work. It's also one of the features that makes Canvas distinct from many other learning management systems, including Blackboard. Find out how to make the most of your calendar after the jump!

To access your calendar, click Calendar in the Global Navigation Bar in Canvas.

Global Navigation BarThis will allow you to see events and assignments with due dates (including discussions and quizzes) for all of thecalendar_right_column courses that you belong to. In the column on the right, you'll see a smaller calendar that you can use to drag events and assignments across months, a list of all your courses, and another dropdown list of all course content that doesn't have a date.

To view events and assignments specific to a course, make sure that a color is visible next to its name. If there's no color, click the box to show the course on the calendar. If you'd prefer not to see the events and assignments for a specific course, click the box to hide it. The color will disappear.

All events and assignments will display on the calendar with the color for that course. After the production release on June 6th, 2015, you can click the dots to the right of a course name to set a custom color. You can choose from 15 preset colors, or use a hex code to make your own!

In the list of Undated Items, events and assignments are displayed using your course colors. To associate a due date with one of the items, simply drag it to a day on your calendar.

Please note: only ten courses can be shown at a time.

Create an Event Using the Canvas CalendarIf you'd like to use your calendar to create events or assignments for a course, simply click on a day. Enter the title, time of the event, and location in the pop-up box that appears. Be sure that you select the proper course in the dropdown menu next to Calendar. You will see the course color displayed at the top of the pop-up box.

For more information on using the calendar in Canvas, you can read this guide: Or send an email to the Canvas team at Dartmouth by writing to


Calendar image at the top of the post courtesy of Dafne Cholet.

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