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Canvas Production Release 6/27/15

Canvas is updated every three weeks. The next update occurs Saturday, June 27, 2015. This release features the option to excuse students from completing assignments and an update to modules. Read more after the jump!

This release includes:

  • Excuse an Assignment - Instructors can use the Gradebook to excuse a student from an assignment in their course. Read more about this feature here.
  • Mark Items in Modules as Done - Instructors can assign Mark as Done as a module requirement for course assignments and pages. This change helps students keep track of their progress in Modules. For instance, an instructor may want a student to review a page multiple times before progressing to the next module item, or the requirement can be used on assignments that are purely for self study.
  • Quiz Question Background Color - The quiz question creation page background design has been changed from blue to white. This change is purely for aesthetics and has no effect on accessibility.

For more information on the release, view the full production release notes or watch this video:

Stay tuned for our next update on the production release scheduled for July 18th, 2015.

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