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Meet EdTech: Erin DeSilva, Instructional Designer

Erin DeSilva
Photo credit: T. Scott Miller

Erin DeSilva joined the Dartmouth EdTech group as an instructional designer this month.  We sat down with Erin to find out more about her background and her current work at Dartmouth.  Stop by and visit Erin at EdTech’s location in Baker/Berry library!

Where were you working before Dartmouth?

I came most recently from Brown University, where I was an instructional designer for the School of Professional Studies.  I worked mainly with faculty in the Executive Masters in Healthcare Leadership blended learning program, but also developed online courses for precollege students and some newer programs that Brown is developing.  Before Brown, I was an instructional technology specialist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in central Massachusetts.

What will your role be at Dartmouth?

Here at Dartmouth, I’m looking forward to working with faculty to develop dynamic, student-centered learning experiences of all shapes and sizes.

What apps and tools do rely on in your work and personal lives?

My number one favorite tool is Canvas! I think that Canvas is a great learning management system because it serves as a jumping off point for learning and engagement. I also love Qualtrics for gathering and analyzing feedback. In my personal organization, I use all things Google, though I occasionally sprinkle in Evernote and Dropbox when needed.  My favorite app in my personal life is Waze (  Coming from the traffic mess that is Massachusetts, it really got me through.

What everyday thing are you?

Rather than an everyday item, I’d like to think of myself as a new use for an old thing.  Like in these lists where you discover that you can use a muffin pan liner to keep your popsicles from dripping.  I like to hack every day.

What is your superpower?

I have a tee shirt that says, “I have twins.  What’s YOUR superpower?”

What do you find fun about summer?  

The best part of summer is swimming.  I love lakes and the ocean, and am happy to have both here in New Hampshire!

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who empower others; a good teacher, writer, coach, or mentor who instills confidence and ability in someone else.

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