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Canvas Production Release 8/8/15

Canvas is updated every three weeks. The next update occurs Saturday, August 8th, 2015. Read about what's new and what's changed in Canvas after the jump!

This release includes:

  • Student Interactions Report Overview - Instructors can now access a Student Interactions Report on the People page of a course. The Student Interactions Report shows an overview of the last interaction with each student in the course, in addition to the student’s current score, final score, and any ungraded assignments. Instructors can also view individual course access reports by clicking the name of a student.
  • Student-Interactions-Report-1

  • Collaborations: Etherpad - Canvas no longer supports Etherpad as a collaboration tool.
  • Excuse an Assignment in Individual View - In the Gradebook Individual View, instructors can excuse an assignment for a student. After an instructor selects the student and the assignment from the drop-down menus, instructors can excuse the assignment by clicking the Excuse an Assignment checkbox.
  • Total Column Decimals - In the Gradebook, if the Total Grade column is shown as a percentage, the percentage is rounded to two decimal places. The student Grades page also now shows the percentage rounded to two decimal places.
  • Rich Content Editor Icons - The default Rich Content Editor icons have been updated for consistency and style. Updated icons include link to URL, embed image, insert math equation, and record/upload media. Icons added from LTI tools are not affected.
  • Rich-Content-Editor

For more information on the release, view the full production release notes or watch this video:

Stay tuned for our next update on the production release scheduled for August 24th, 2015.

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