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Using TechSmith Relay

Dartmouth is updating the TechSmith Relay service just in time for fall term! The new web-based service includes seamless Canvas integration, viewer analytics, group tools, and quizzing features.

If you need assistance uninstalling or installing the TechSmith Relay recorder, please email

Existing TechSmith Relay users:

  •  Media and existing links to video will still work and be available. You will be notified of any future changes.
  • Please uninstall (directions here) your current Relay Recorder and follow the steps below to download the new Relay Recorder.
  • The new Relay Recorder will connect to the new Relay web-service and the tools/interface are the same.

Creating a TechSmith Relay Account:

  1. Log in at with the following login information:
  • username: Your NetID (Example: D12345Z or F01234A)
  • password: your NetID password.

2. Click the blue Create button on the upper-left side and choose Download Recorders. Once you download, run the installer. The installer will appear and may prompt you for a login. If this occurs, the username and password to install the client will be your computer's (system) username and password.

3. Once you have installed the Relay client you can start recording and publishing.  You will be asked to log into the Relay Recorder with your NetID and password.

4.Make sure to choose the correct Audio source, name your recording descriptively, and Submitting promptly when you are done.

5. Upon Submitting will be given a URL for your recording. That link takes you to your account on the Dartmouth Techsmith Relay website where you can customize Privacy (viewing) options, choose a Thumbnail, set up Groups, Download the recording, add a Quizzing layer to your video, and view Analytics. You can always log into to access all of your recordings.

6. Tutorials explaining how to use Techsmith Relay can be found here:

7. If you plan to use Relay on a classroom computer, please contact Classroom Technology Services for set-up information:

8. If you would like to link to or embed your recording into your Canvas course site, please email for set-up.

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