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Our Poster and Resources: Access First! Igniting a Campus-wide Universal Design Mindset

Adam and Erin presenting on accessibility at ELI 2017At ELI 2017, Instructional Designers Erin DeSilva and Adam Nemeroff represented Team Access at Dartmouth College. Team Access is an inter-departmental group of staff from Classroom Technology, Educational Technology (Instructional Design), and Student Accessibility Services. Together, we work to improve access to learning experiences for all learners. The following is our poser we presented and the resources we frequently consult with through our work. 

Our Poster

This is a poser that was presented on universal design at ELI 2017. See caption for link to accessible PDF.
This is the poster that we presented at ELI 2017. This is a text-recognized PDF version.


The following is a list of resources we use in our work:



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