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Canvas Highlights – January 2019

Canvas releases updates and performs bug fixes approximately every three weeks. Recently there have been two notable enhancements that could help you organize your workspace.

Drag-and-drop Dashboard Re-ordering
(faculty, staff, students)

Canvas has added the ability to re-order the tiles in the Canvas dashboard by dragging and dropping. Prior to this enhancement, the tiles were automatically arranged alphabetically and there was no opportunity to put the most recent courses at the top of the page. Now, not only can you remove tiles from the dashboard, you can place them in the order that makes the most sense for you. For more information on the dashboard view as well as the drag-and-drop feature go to:

New Gradebook - Beta

One of the most significant recent updates to Canvas is the new gradebook. While there are many new features in the gradebook, the most significant features involve improvements in organization and data sorting. In addition, new opportunities for customization make it easier for faculty to view the status of assignments and of particular student’s grades. This tool is still in development and we will continue to see improvements over the course of this term. It is available for faculty to enable in their individual courses. For more information and to compare functionality with the current gradebook, please take a look at this resource provided by one of the members of the Canvas community:

As always, we are happy to help with using new features or improving your comfort level with existing functionality. For information and assistance please email:

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