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Congratulations to the 2018-19 Canvy Awards Winners!

Creating a great Canvas course site requires time, preparation, creativity and attention to detail. The Learning Design and Technology team created the "Canvy" awards as a way to recognize faculty for their efforts in creating great sites for their students. 

At the end of the Spring 2019 term, we asked students taking courses in Arts and Sciences to nominate course sites that supported their learning during the 2018-19 school year. In addition, we asked students to indicate what contributed most to effective site design. From the 225+ Canvy award nominations received, courses by the following faculty were chosen as this year’s winners:

  • Petra Bonfert-Taylor, Professor of Engineering
  • Stuart Finkel, Associate Professor of Russian Studies
  • Brenhin Keller, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Meredith Kelly, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Kathleen Powers, Assistant Professor of Government
  • Lauren Russell, Research Associate and Lecturer of Economics

While each faculty member has a unique spin on the design of the course sites, there were a few notable commonalities:

  • Faculty members posted the readings, videos and course materials on their sites in a timely manner for students to access and kept them up to date
  • The course sites are well structured and easy for students to navigate
  • Assignments were present in Canvas. Additionally, assignment directions were clear and easy to follow

Overall student feedback was summarized by this student’s comment:

“Everything was up and online on time or very close to on time and the course page was engaging and interesting. The home page has all the key information on it. It basically hit all the necessary pointers for a good course page‚ all resources easily accessible, visually not jarring, and easy to navigate…"

Thanks to all of the faculty who spend their time and energy to deliver great courses for Dartmouth’s students. Students both notice and appreciate your efforts. We invite you to take a look at a few of this year’s Canvy winners (see links below) and to contact the Learning Design and Technology team if you have questions about this or other topics related to course design at

Interested to check out a few examples? The following are a sampling of the award-winning sites!

GOV 50.08: Psychology and International Politics:

EARS.001: How the Earth Works:

ENGS.020: Introduction to Scientific Computing

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