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Canvas Quick Tips: Adding People and Assigning Roles in a Canvas course

Instructors in a Canvas course site can easily add Dartmouth faculty, staff and students so that they can view materials, grade, or audit a course. 

To add people to a course

  • Click People in your Canvas course menu

  • Click the +People button
  • Add people by their full Dartmouth email or by their Dartmouth Login ID (NetID). You can add multiple people by having one per line. You can look up an email or NetID here:   *
  • Choose the role you would like to give the person/people you are adding.

When adding people to your course, the “role” you choose will determine the permissions they have. In Arts and Sciences courses, the main roles you will see are:

Student - This role allows for seeing all course materials and submitting assignments and quizzes. At Dartmouth, matriculated students are added through an import from Banner. Faculty should only add students under very special circumstances (ex. use this role if you have an undergraduate who is auditing your course and you would like to permit them to submit work for review even if they are not going to get an official grade)

Teacher - This role has permission to add and edit content on the Canvas site and to see all student work and grades submitted to the course. Use this role to add colleagues who who will be co-teaching the course with you.

TA - The TA role has almost as many permissions as a faculty member, including the ability to see the grade book and grade student work. The TA role does not have a few permission such as the ability to publish a course, add sections to a course or add and delete other TAs, Teachers or Course Designers.

Course Designer - This role is meant for people who will be helping to build the content of the course or for other professors who wish to copy your course materials into their own course. A course designer cannot see student information or grades but can edit pages, add files, links, create assignments, etc.

Observer - The observer role is meant for people who will just be viewing the content of your class. An observer can only see content but can’t change or interact with the content in any way.

  • Once you have chosen the role, you may complete the process of adding a user to your site. If you click on the People menu now, you should see the person you added in this list.

For more general information about adding people in Canvas and user roles and permissions, view the following articles from the Canvas Community - 

Adding People to Canvas

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*If you wish to add a guest who does not have a Dartmouth email account or Netid, you will need to request a Canvas guest account. Please review this article on the Dartmouth Services portal for more information.

** Note: If you would like to add a faculty member or TA to your course after the course has ended, please reach out to so that we may help.

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