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Missing Mute/Unmute in the Canvas Gradebook?

While most of the changes in the newest update to the Canvas Gradebook are intuitive, the replacement of the “mute” option with the “Post Policies” feature is a bit tricky to navigate. The purpose of this change was to provide more opportunities for customization in the way instructors manage the release of their grades.

At Dartmouth, we largely see faculty taking one of the following three approaches to releasing their grades. Below are instructions for setting up the “Post Policies” to address each approach.

Instructor releases the grades immediately

This setting is the default in the new gradebook. If this is how you manage the release of your grades, simply do nothing and grades will show up for students as soon as they are entered.

Instructor releases grades for some assignments immediately while others are only posted once grading for the assignment is complete

We often see faculty who release quizzes and short homework assignments immediately but wait to release the grades for a test or a paper once all of the grading has been done. The best approach for this use case is to select the manual “Post Policy” for the assignment only. This short video illustrates how to set Post Policies to manual for an assignment.

Instructor always waits until the grading is completed before releasing the grades

Many instructors, especially those who rely on papers and projects for the bulk of the course’s  assessments, prefer to hold the grades until all of the scoring and comments have been recorded. In this case, faculty would want to set the “Post Policies” to manual for the course. This short video illustrates how to set Post Policies to manual for a course.

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