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As you prepare for next term's courses, you might want to begin working on your Canvas sites by copying content from an old course. If so, follow these steps to transfer content from one Canvas site to another:

  1. Navigate to your new site, and click Settings at the bottom of the navigation menu on the left.
  2. Click Import Content into this Course in the column on the right.


By Adam Nemeroff and Erin DeSilva

Accessible materials create access to documents and materials so that they are usable by all students in your class. Most of these changes have the dual benefit of simultaneously helping students with specific accommodations, while also improving the experience for the other users in your class. The following is a guide for creating materials with these types of considerations in mind. In this guide, we include both general guidelines as well as specific steps to follow for specific tools and materials.

This guide from Auckland University gives a wonderful overview of these similar guidelines.

The University of Auckland describes how to create Inclusive Online Courses.
The University of Auckland describes how to create Inclusive Design for Online Accessibility. Here is a downloadable PDF.

Updated March 12, 2018 - An earlier version of this guide was published in 2016. We updated the guide recently to include updates to the Canvas and documents sections. For Canvas, we added specific directions for accessibility features in Canvas (using the accessibility checker and UDOIT). We also posted a screencast video explaining how to use these tools. For documents, we included more extensive directions on creating accessible document and converting them with SensusAccess, a new document conversion tool at the College.

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We received this recent question from a professor:

"I find that exceptions for sick, injured, and other students are hard to keep track of, and that my grading gets slowed down by me digging through my email to remember if I gave a particular person an exception. With the flu I'm needing to excuse more people. Is there a way to encode exceptions and personal deadlines in Canvas so that it automatically takes these into account?

Answer: YES!

In any Canvas assignment, when you click Edit, you’ll see a box like this at the bottom:

Click the +Add button and you’ll be able to give any student in the drop down list a different due date. You’ll notice that the “Everyone” in the box above then changes to “Everyone else”.



"How can I make my site great?"  (or versions thereof) is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive.


Our answer is the following list of questions. We designed it to help you prepare your course according to current "best practices" in student learning and course design.  Each is also grounded in the principles of Universal Design.  You'll notice that there are many items here that you might consider addressing outside of Canvas - that's great too!

Many items include links for you to learn more about each particular topic.  Please also feel free to contact your Instructional Designer to discuss any or all of these items! ...continue reading "Leveling Up Your Course Design Using Canvas"

Library Reserves files and links are now placed directly in your Canvas course! When you request reserves you will receive information on where to find the files and links.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.37.49 PMQuestions on how to integrate these materials seamlessly in your course? Check out the Canvas guides or email for assistance.

The instructional design team would also like to use this change as an opportunity to remind Dartmouth faculty that the college recently adopted a new set of guidelines for using copyrighted material. You can read about the new Dartmouth College Copyright Policy here, or click "Read More" for an FAQ on posting copyrighted materials to your Canvas site.

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If you're teaching in the summer and would like help setting up your Canvas sites, the Ed Tech team is happy to assist!

Summer 2016 Canvas Office Hours

All office hours will be held in Berry 178. Our offices are located behind the computer walk-in center in Berry Library. Please look for the yellow "Instructional Design" sign and follow the arrow!

Date Time Location
Monday, June 20th  10:00 am - 1:00 pm  Berry 178
Thursday, June 23rd 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Berry 178
Friday, June 24th 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Berry 178
Monday, June 27th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Berry 178

If you're unable to make any of the times listed, please send an email to An instructional designer will contact you to set up an appointment.

Beginning Saturday, June 11, you’ll notice that Canvas has a new look. These changes are intended to make Canvas easier to use on a wide range of screen sizes.

The Dashboard and Global Navigation have the most changes. Click the image for the visual tutorial.
The Dashboard and Global Navigation have the most changes. Click the image for the visual tutorial.
From within a course you can hide/display the course menu – handy from within Grades! Click the image for the visual tutorial.
From within a course you can hide/display the course menu – handy from within Grades! Click the image for the visual tutorial.

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After the next production release goes live (Saturday, February 20th, 2016), you'll be able to see whether your students are viewing feedback you leave using Speedgrader!

Whenever you use Speedgrader to annotate your students' work or leave comments, they should click "Grades" in the course navigation menu on the left, then click "Preview" after selecting the proper assignment. When they do this, they'll be able to view the annotations you've made in the margins of their work.


Instructors will now be notified that students have clicked "Preview". This is a good way to ensure that students are receiving the feedback you leave.


If you'd like to incorporate this feature into your assignments, feel free to contact an instructional designer by writing You may also be interested in registering for an upcoming workshop on Using Grading for Learning and Assessment (DCAL, March 16th, 12:30-2:00 pm). Click here to register:

When you manually add someone to your Canvas course, you can now change the role (and the associated privileges) without adding and removing the person from the course site.

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When you choose to hide the final grade from students in Course Settings, assignment group totals are now also hidden from students.

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