Active Learning Space Incubator Program

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Program Goals

  • Create an applied community of practice made up of faculty, instructional designers, and classroom technologies experts to intentionally integrate learning space and pedagogical design
  • Connect faculty using active learning pedagogy to share ideas, strategies, and best practices
  • Experiment with potential learning space designs that can be adapted and scaled in redesigning spaces across campus
  • Evaluate the impact of space design on student learning and engagement

Program Description

Do you ever wish you could teach differently, try active learning strategies, or experiment with your pedagogy but are limited by the layout, furniture, and/or technology in your classrooms? If so, you may want to consider being part of the first faculty cohort of the Active Learning Space Incubator Program.

In spring 2015, Educational Technologies and Classroom Technology Services partnered with faculty to re-imagine and re-design Carson 61 as an active, dynamic learning space to foster increased student engagement and provide resources for specialized pedagogical innovations designed around your teaching.

Berry Innovation Classroom Courses

FA17 Courses: 

SU17 Courses: 

SP17 Courses:

  • John Milton (English 17), Tom Luxon
  • Social, Emotional, and Moral Development (Education 57), Michelle Tine
  • Shakespeare (English 15), Tom Luxon
  • Impact Design (CoCo 16), Lorie Loeb and Thalia Wheatley

WI17 Courses:

  • Introductory Latin (LAT 1), Suzanne Lye
  • Calculus (Math 3.02), Ben Breen
  • Caribbean History, 1898-Present (AAAS 61), Reena Goldthree 
  • Sonic Linearity (MUS 26), Spencer Topel
  • Research Methods (SOCY 11) Kimberly Rogers
  • Introduction to Sonic Arts (MUSIC 25), Ashley Fure

FA16 Courses:

  • Adolescent Development (EDUC 62.01), Sean Kang
  • Neuroscience of Mental Illness (PSYC 50.01), Margaret Funnell
  • Native Peoples in a Changing Global Environment (ENVS 18/NAS 18), Nicholas Reo
  • Data Visualization (QSS 17.01), Yusaku Horiuchi
  • Sex, Gender and Society (WGSS 10.04), Renee Bergland
  • Senior Design and Implementation Project (COSC 98.01), Tim Tregubov

SU16 Courses:

  • Experimental Design, Methodology, and Data Analysis Procedures (PSYC 10), Alireza Soltani
  • Full-Stack Web Development (CS52 ), Tim Tregubov

SP16 Courses:

  • Introductory Italian I (ITAL 01), Tania Convertini
  • The Vietnam War (HIST 26), Ed Miller
  • Mass Media and Democracy (FILM 07.14), Michael Evans
  • Shakespeare's Non-Dramatic Verse (ENGL 7), Tom Luxon
  • Black Lives Matter (WGSS 40.02, AAAS 80.05 01), Aimee Bahng, Reena Goldthree
  • Explore Physics! (PHYS 31), Alex Rimberg
  • The Jamestown Colony, 1607-1622: Foundation or Failure (HIST 7), Paul Musselwhite

WI16 Courses:

  • Writing 5 (WRIT 5), Tom Luxon
  • Global Ties, Intimate Lives (GEOG 7), Patricia Lopez
  • Turning Points in American History (HIST 1), Paul Musselwhite & Jennie Miller
  • Quantitative Political Analysis (GOVT 10), Brendan Nyhan
  • Sports and Democratization (CLST 11), Paul Christensen
  • Sex and the State: Latin America (LACS 52, GOVT 49, WGSS 31), Lisa Baldez
  • American Renaissance (ENGL 52), Don Pease/Jed Dobson
  • Milton (ENGL 71.06), Tom Luxon

FA15 Courses:

  • Sports Analytics (QSS 30.01), Phil Hanlon and Michael Herron  
  • WWII: Ideology, Experience, and Legacy, (HIST 53), Udi Greenberg
  • Greek History (CLSS 14/HIST 94) Paul Christesen
  • Exploring French Culture & Language  (FREN 8), Kelly McConnell
  • Data Visualization (GOVT 17, QSS 17), Yusaku Horiuchi
  • Global Public Opinion (GOVT 18), Yusaku Horiuchi