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When you choose to hide the final grade from students in Course Settings, assignment group totals are now also hidden from students.

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The link validation feature lets you check whether links you've put in your  courses still work. This is particularly handy if you've copied a course you previously taught using Canvas to another term. It's possible that some of the links in an earlier version may be outdated or broken. Now you can find and fix them easily.

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Canvas is updated every three weeks. The next production release is scheduled for Saturday, December 19th. Please click here for the release notes, or watch the video below.

Note: The date is a week behind in the video because Instructure changed the date of the Canvas release for this cycle.

The upcoming Canvas production release on Saturday, October 10th, 2015, includes an update to Modules:

When creating requirements in a module, instructors can give students an option between two or more tasks. This change allows students to choose which task they prefer to complete to demonstrate their learning and move forward in the course content.

Please join us after the jump for tips on making the most of using the Modules tool in Canvas!

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In this hands-on workshop, we will explore how you can best use Canvas to facilitate the assignment process.  From creating the structure in your course site that allows you to collect, weigh, and manage assignments, to Canvas' online grading options (including mobile!), explore the tools you can use to best meet the needs of your own course.

Wednesday, October 7th 12:30pm-2pm in DCAL

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When creating a new calendar event, users can choose to create multiple occurrences of the event every day, week, or month.

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