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Ashley Kehoe sits down with Instructional Designer, Adam Nemeroff, and Anthropology Lecturer, Vivek Venkataraman to talk about ANTH 62: Perspectives on Evolutionary Health and Disease and the upcoming student iBooks showcase in Berry main corridor in Baker/Berry library.

ANTH62-poster-final ...continue reading "Learning Focus: Students in ANTH 62 Investigate the Intersection of Evolution, Health, and Disease"

Yesterday we had our third workshop focusing on Learning with the iPad.  We compiled a list of our favorite apps and strategies.  Adam takes a moment to share his thoughts on curating the apps in each category.

Learning with the iPad Screenshot
A screenshot of our demo iPad we setup for the participants.

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IMG_7349We just finished our second workshop focusing on Working with the iPad.  We compiled our favorite apps and strategies.  We took a couple of moments to ask the facilitators about their favorite apps. ...continue reading "Working with the iPad"

Setting up the iPad WorkshopWe just finished our first iPad workshop session, "Getting Started Using the iPad."  We had a great time working with our attendees! Below are some of the topics that came up. These are additional resources to help us continue the conversation. ...continue reading "Setting up the iPad"