Working Papers

A Century of the American Women Voter:  Sex Gaps in Political Participation, Preferences, and Partisanship Since Women’s Enfranchisement (with Na’ama Shenhav). Manuscript, October 2019.  In preparation for Journal of Economic Perspectives.

Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target?  Program Access and Preschool ImpactsRevised version, July 2019.  [NBER Working Paper 23215, revised July 2019] [IZA Working Paper 10596, March 2017]  [Coverage in The New York Times, The Hechinger Report, Forbes, Quartz]

Who Needs a Fracking Education?  The Educational Response to Low-Skill Biased Technological Change (with Ayushi Narayan).  Revised version, July 2019. [NBER Working Paper 21359, revised February 2019] [Summary in The NBER Digest, September 2015] [Coverage in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Salon]. Revise and resubmit, ILR Review.

Knowledge, Tests, and Fadeout in Educational Interventions (with Doug Staiger).  Revise and resubmit, American Economic Review. [NBER Working Paper 18038, May 2012]

Do Investments in Universal Early Education Pay Off?  Long-Term Effects of Introducing Kindergartens into Public SchoolsNBER Working Paper 14951, May 2009. [Summaries in Education Next, The NBER Digest, CEPR]

School Progression and the Grade Distribution of Students: Evidence from the Current Population SurveyIZA Discussion Paper 1747, September 2005.