All events will be held at Dartmouth College. Directions are available here.
All events are free and open to the public.

The conference took place between April 13-15, 2017.



(Kent Jones, 2015)

7:30PM |  Loew Auditorium, Black Family Visual Arts Centre
Q&A: Noah Isenberg with Lynn A. Higgins
Free Admission


9:00 AM |  Conference Center, Hanover Inn
Phil Hanlon, President of Dartmouth College
Graziella Parati, Director of the Leslie Center for the Humanities
Gerd Gemünden & Noah Isenberg

Panel 1: The (Permanent) Crisis of Film Criticism
9:30-11:00AM |  Conference Center, Hanover Inn
Moderator: Yulia Komska
Mattias Frey on the Eternal Return of the Crisis
Claudia Lenssen on the Journal Filmkritik
Stefan Grissemann on Changes in Print Journalism

Panel 2: The Paratexts of Film Criticism
11:15AM-12:45PM |  Conference Center, Hanover Inn 
Moderator: Julio Ariza
Liz Helfgott on Liner Notes as Film Criticism
Genevieve Yue on Moving Image Criticism
Jennifer Fay on “Authorship Criticism after Auteurism”
Farran Smith Nehme on her blog “The Self-Styled Siren”


Panel 3: Festival Culture as Film Criticism
2:00-3:30PM |  Conference Center, Hanover Inn 
Moderator: Gerd Gemünden
Dennis Lim on “Curation, Criticism, and Cinephilia”
B. Ruby Rich on “Taste, Ideology, Status & The Thrill of Getting There First”
J. Hoberman on “Fassbinder’s American Friends”
Jeffrey Ruoff on criticism at Les États Généraux du documentaire

Panel 4: Film Criticism of the 1990s
3:45-5:15PM  |  Conference Center, Hanover Inn
Moderator: Petra McGillen
Eric Rentschler on German Film Criticism of the 1990s
Cristina Nord on Changes in the Profession and the Medium
Dana Stevens on the Rise of Online Film Criticism and its Current State
Fatima Naqvi on “Filmwissenschaft” vs. “Filmkritik”



Was heisst hier Ende? Der Filmkritiker Michael Althen
/ Who’s Talking About Ending? The Film Critic Michael Althen (Dominik Graf, 2015; German with English Subtitles)
8PM Loew Auditorium, Black Family Visual Arts Centre
Introduction: Eric Rentschler
Free Admission



Panel 5: Re-Visiting Weimar Film Criticism
9:30-11:00AM | Haldeman 041
Moderator: Joanna Rapf
Johannes von Moltke on Early Kracauer
Erica Carter on Béla Balázs
Nicholas Baer on ‘Aesthetic Perfection’ in Early Film Criticism

Panel 6: Film Advocacy: Museums, Archives, Collections
11:15AM-12:45PM | Haldeman 041
Moderator: Mark Williams
Alexander Horwath on the Austrian Film Museum
Haden Guest on the Harvard Film Archive
Kim Hendrickson on the Criterion Collection
Bruce Posner on Being a Do It Yourself Archivist


Panel 7: Roundtable on Feminist Film Criticism for the Masses
2:00-3:30PM | Haldeman 041
Moderator: Mary Desjardins
Molly Haskell
Stephanie Zacharek
Carrie Rickey
Claudia Lenssen

Panel 8: Roundtable on “Better Living Through Criticism
3:45-5:15PM | Haldeman 041
Moderator: Monica Castillo
Johannes von Moltke
Stefan Grissemann
Cristina Nord


Film Screening: Die langen Ferien der Lotte H. Eisner/The Long Vacation of Lotte H. Eisner (Sohrab Shadid Saless, 1979; German with English Subtitles)

5:30PM | 001 Black Family Visual Arts Center
Introduction: Gerd Gemünden