Research Computing

Research Computing (, part of Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Academic and Campus Technology Services (ACTS), facilitates and enables the advancement of research by providing leading-edge computing services and offering research support to faculty, PIs, post-docs, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students in all academic research domains including life sciences, statistics, humanities, engineering, GIS, physics, and chemistry.

Our services and technologies ensure that researchers have access to a world-class high performance computational environment (HPC) on our systems such as the Discovery Cluster, Polaris and Andes for scientific computing, data analysis, visualization, and data storage.

Our services and consulting include HPC and dedicated hardware solutions, data support (large scale, shared, lab storage for academic and research purposes), systems support (virtual machines, etc.), research software licensing and support (Matlab, R, ArcGIS, CLC Genomics Workbench, etc.), training (workshops, lab, small group, one-on-one), software development, programming and high performance or parallel programming support, visualization of data, grant support (writing and software/hardware configuration and pricing)

We are committed to developing a responsive and highly capable computing infrastructure that helps researchers with big data challenges of the future across all academic disciplines at Dartmouth.

The following individuals will be available to answer questions.
George Morris
Steve Gaughan